Friday, April 19, 2013

Spratly Island- Island With Many CALLSIGN

The region is also one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. During the 1980s, at least two hundred and seventy ships passed through the Spratly Islands region each day, and currently more than half of the world's supertanker traffic, by tonnage, passes through the region's waters every year. Tanker traffic through the South China Sea is over three times greater than through the Suez Canal and five times more than through the Panama Canal; twenty five percent of the world's crude oil passes through the South China Sea.....

Lets look into Ham Radio activities we can called this Island as one of the ISLAND with many callsign - Spratly Island ….I heard about this island in early 90’s …...

                       9M0S   OPERATE FROM SPRATLY ISLAND IN 1993

                           9M0A OPERATE IN SPRATELY ISLAND-
                           PULAU LAYANG-LAYANG IN 1994

                                                        9M6OO  OPERATE IN `1997

                                          9M6PO OPERATE FROM SPRATELY ISLAND  IN 1997

                                          9M0F  OPERATE FROM SPRATELY ISLAND 2000

                                          9M0/9M2TO  OPERATE IN 2006

                                9M4SDX   OPERATE AT LAYANG-LAYANG ISLAND IN MARCH 2007

                              9M2/PG5M  OPERATE FROM LAYANG-LAYANG ISLAND IN APRIL 2007

                      9M6/N1UR OPERATE FROM LAYANG-LAYANG ISLAND  MARCH 2008


                                           9M6/OH2YY  OPERATE IN MARCH 2012

                                          Operate From Layang-layang Island April 2012

                                   Operate From  Layang-layang Island August 2012 & March 2013

In the world of Radio Hams there are a lot of Islands Hunters....most of the operators who operate
 from the "Sprately Islands" are  foreigners. The writer would like to suggest that the "Administrative" 
should look seriously on the "callsign" why don't we maintain as 9M0S  OR 9M0L    keep it short and simple please try to understand the world of HAM RADIO.

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