Wednesday, June 30, 2010

40 Meter Band

I am not a good writter but i will try my best to explian whats 40M (7 Mhz) all about .
Most of Hams knows that in Region 1 & 3 ,,,,40Meter Band covers from 7.000Mhz – 7.100Mhz. and for Region 2 covers from 7.000Mhz to 7.300Mhz

During WRC03 ITU have agreed that for region 3 by March 2009 all broadcast station have to move away freq. 7.100 to 7.200Mhz. All country members agreed  and the change will take effect on 29 March 2009. By end of 2009 most of the broadcaster have move to 7.200Mhz and above.

In January this year (2010) 9M2RS wrote an email to Ir Mohd Aris Barnawi of MCMC. He responded to 9M2RS ………………..
"We have cleared 7100 to 7200 KHz from any broadcasting services since last year. The remaining station at 7199 KHz has also been cleared. All amateur radio operator is free to use this band now. Other broadcasting transmitter from neighbouring is taking their time to clear the band. You are cordially requested to use only part of the band whenever there is no such broadcasting service on the air.

Ir Mohd Aris Bernawi
Senior Director
Resource Assignment and Management Division
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

Tel : +60 3 8688 81 81

Now if anyone have doubt about this please call MCMC and please talk to the right person.

Now we heard that a few 9Ms AND 9Ws question why 9Ms transmit on 7.100Mhz and above? To those who don’t want to come on 7.100 and above fine…maybe they have their own reason. But please don’t stop others from transmit on 7.100Mhz and above….

Now let’s see this….

The IARU groups of peoples have work hard to ask for wider spectrum way back before 2003. The reason why they request 7.000 – 7.200 in region 1 and 3 is because to harmonise the frequency where by in region 2 have wider spectrum on 40m band they have been granted 7.000 – 7.300Mhz long time ago.

Now lets look at the latest Region 3 Band Plan on 7Mhz please go to… what does its say. We are not blind...

Report for IARU Region 3 Member Societies:
The World Radiocommunication Conference 2003 (WRC-03)

June 9 - July 4, 2003

Compiled by the Directors, IARU Region 3

IARU WRC-03 Final Report from Geneva

The big news for radio amateurs is that there will be a dramatic improvement in the 40-meter band! After weeks of debate and efforts to resolve great differences between numerous proposals, including strong positions for no change, the conference agreed to shift broadcasting stations in Regions 1 and 3 out of the 7100-7200 kHz band and to reallocate the band to the amateur service in those two regions. The allocation in Region 2 of 7000-7300 kHz remains exclusively amateur. The broadcasting band in Regions 1 and 3 will become 7200-7450 kHz and in Region 2, 7300-7400 kHz. The change will take effect on 29 March 2009, less than six years from now -- a relatively short time by ITU standards.
In Regions 1 and 3 the 7100-7200 kHz band will become exclusively amateur on that date. A footnote containing the names of countries that are mainly in Region 3 and the Arab States makes the band also available to the fixed and mobile services in those countries on a primary basis.

7 Reason why 9Ms Transmit 7.000 – 7.200Mhz

The emails from the MCMC … we treat this as a directive.
2. WRC 03 – “ITU” Directive
3. “IARU” Final Reports on WRC 03 (as above)
4. The freq. on upper portion less noise compare to 7.000 -7.100Mhz
5. We need to occupy the Freq. otherwise the upper portion will

    be occupy  by  other station from the neighbouring country.
6. IARU Region 3 Latest Band Plan

7. An Information Paper by the IARU Amateur Service Spectrum 
    Requirements 7Mhz..
8.  MCMC Spectrum Plan 2011… we treat this as a directive.

Furthermore if we look at the new draft of the spectrum plan made by the MCMC it shows that Class B have more spectrum which covers also 7.000 – 7.200Mhz.
Question why did the MCMC wrote 7.000 – 7.200Mhz ? Why don’t they just wrote 7.000 – 7.100 Mhz?

The IARU have been working very hard on this subject but sad to see some of us here still thinking backwards…………. Some might ask this question…the Frequency is not stated in the AA. …..Now let see in 1997 our Radio Communication Licence does not write any frequency at all its only wrote “THE LICENSEE IS AUTHORIZED TO OPERATE IN FREQUENCY BANDS USING POWER LIMITATION AND CLASSES OF EMISSION AS SPECIFIED BY THE LICENSING AUTHORITY FOR FURTHER DETAILS OF THESE PARAMETERS CONTACT. JABATAN TELEKOM MALAYSIA.
So in those days the frequency is not printed in our licence so we can't even transmit in any frequency? Come on....we are now living in the era of technology ..peoples can comunicate from any part of the world through internet and satellite communication..

If anyone have question regarding 7.100 - 7.200Mhz please contact the right person in MCMC please don't talk to any Tom Dick and right there is no issue anymore regarding the above had been clearly stated in the WRC03 and we should thankfull to the group of peoples in the IARU level who have done excelent job in the WRC 03. Credit also goes to Ir. Mohd Aris Barnawi

Senior Director
Resource Assignment and Management Division
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission
Who have granted us to use the freq. 7.100 - 7.200Mhz

Opsss dont forget we should thankful to HJ Rashid...9M2RS for his job....

The funny things here those hams who are not active on 40M they are the one who make the big noise.......
Yesterday i heard someone said on 40m band... "...those up there who stop us from transmitting on 7.100 - 7.200 ask them to go and fly kites !!!..." My dear brothers  we are not born yesterday......

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jangan Berdukacita Jika Dikritik Atau Dicerca

Ketahuilah bahawa anda tidak akan dapat mendiamkan mulut manusia supaya tidak melakukan penghinaan terhadap kehormatan anda. Walaupun begitu, anda dapat berbuat baik dan menghindari perkataan dan kritikan mereka.

Seorang pujangga bermadah:

Aku berjumpa dengan orang bodoh yang mencelaku.
Kutinggalkan ia sambil berkata "aku tidak peduli"

Pujangga lain bermadah:

Jika orang bodoh bercakap, janganlah engkau menjawabnya
Sebab sebaik-baik jawapan baginya adalah diam seribu bahasa.

Walaupun begitu, tidak ada salahnya jika orang-orang yang bodoh itu sesekali dilawan dan dicabar. Atau katakan sahaja kepada mereka, "Jika kebaikan yang nampak pada perbuatanku adalah dosa-dosa maka katakanlah kepadaku, bagaimana aku sepatutnya meminta maaf."

Seorang sasterawan barat berkata:

"Lakukanlah apa yang engkau yakin benar dan palingkan tubuhmu dari semua kritikan
yang tidak bernilai."

* Jangan sekali-kali membalas cercaan atau cemuhan yang melukai hati anda, kerana kesabaranmu dalam menghadapi semua itulah yang dengan sendirinya akan menguburkan semua kehinaan. Kesabaran adalah penyebab kemuliaan, diam adalah penyebab kekuatan
untuk mengalahkan musuh dan memaafkan adalah penyebab dan tangga untuk mencapai pahala dan kemuliaan.

* Ketahuilah bahawa separuh dari orag yang pernah mencerca atau mengkritik anda itu akan
melupakan cercaan mereka, sepertiganya tidak sedar dengan apa yang mereka lontarkan
dan selebihnya tidak akan mengerti apa dan mengapa mereka mencerca anda. Sebab itu jangan
sekali-kali cercaan mereka engkau masukan kedalam hati dan jangan pula berusaha
untuk membalas apa yang mereka katakan itu.