What's Going On Wth 9M's In Malaysia - December 2011

What’s going on with 9M’s ......December 2011

9M2AI - Recently 9M2NZ helps Amat to put up his new long wire antenna. Amat is now very happy with his new setup.

9M2AR - A good friend of 9M2RB  he is now busy with his new smart phone ….you can hear him most of the time on 7043.

9M2AU – Now thinking how to improved his setup and collecting old newsletter and magazines sometimes you can hear him busy running the Malaysian 40M net.

9M2FX – He was heard on 80M with 9M2PV and he is also busy doing some DIY…

9M2RB – Rusli just bought his new house in Nilai near F1. He is now happy because he can come on 40M you can hear him with 9M2AR at midnight on 7043

9M2NZ – Now busy with his new project. Always heard him on 7130 with Voodoo guys like 9M2ODY, 9M2MRL…and sometimes busy setting his Audio gear…with some YBs station….one…two…one two ….chedum chedum chedumm

9M2OK - You can hear him on 80m around 0800 hrs...with
9M2AU, 9M2PV and 9M2FX and sometimes he will check in on Malaysian 40M net

9M2PV- You can catch Andy on 80Meter band in the morning with his regular 80M friends like 9M2FX , 9M2OK, 9M2AU, 9M2ONE

9M2RS – Hj Rashid just put up his new 20meter 4 Element yagi …but he is not happy with his new rotator it just can’t move the Yagi. We hope he willf solve this problem soon …….you can hear him on 7130.

9M2SX – A DIY person from Penang. Sometimes you will hear him on 7130 ….he is now busy with his grand child….

9M2ZN – He is a CW man always on air with 9M2AR on CW.

9M2BAL - Whe you meet up with him he seem to be very quiet. But he is very active on FB hi hi. Last week he just organize one mini dxpedition in Kuala Trengganu a few 9Ws attended his mini field day.......

9M2GET – Hairi was very active on HF you can hear him on 7043 with 9M2AR. You can hear him also on 7130. He is always looking forward to participate in any CQDX CONTEST.

9M2NDO – He is very happy with his IC-735 transmitting from Tanjung Karang. He is very busy repairing electronic equipment no time to come on air.

9M2ODY – A Voodoo boy from JayBee always heard him on 40M with YB boys at night testing his audio gears… TESTING ONE TWO THREE….CHISs…CHISs..CHISs CHEDUM CHEDUM CHEDUM…..Those of you who wants to start Voodoo may consult him.

9M2ONE - He is very keen to go on lower freq. sometimes you can hear him on 80M band with 9M2FX, 9M2PV & 9M2AU. He just move to his new QTH in Subang. Maybe he is now busy listening on Subang Control tower. and no time to join our local 40M net.

 9M2MRL – Another Voodoo Station from Ipoh “talak Sombong punya…”he always come on air at night with 9M2ODY, 9M2NZ, 9M2AU sometimes you can hear him in the evening on 40M. He is another fan of Voodoo….he is HAPPY with his audio gears using valve !!!!

9M2PJU- Last couple of month you will hear him almost everyday on 7130 or 7043 but now he is busy with his CW. He just bought a new toy may be busy reading his  manual.

9M2RDX – A JOTA man always you can hear him running a JOTA station last month we heard him running a JOTA station from Kuala Trengganu. Sometimes you will hear him running the 40 Meter Net on Sunday Morning. He is now happy with his new setup Yaesu FT 101ZD after he replace two tubes 6146B. Be carefull don't burn your finggers ......

9M2NAM – Nasir from Bukit Katil Melaka just got his ticket…heard him a few times on 7130 with his new Bazooka antenna.

9M2AVB - Joe just got his ticket welcome abroad….he used to monitor 40 meter band and it’s easy for him to hadle taffic on 40meter band..

9M2RMT – Rahmat just got his ticket heard him on 40M a few weeks ago

9M2KPB – Ismail too just got his ticket and he just construct new antenna. Heard him on 40M...

9M2SQL - He just move to his new QTH in Bangi. He is waiting for someone  to install his antenna.

9M2ZAE -  Always heard him  checkin on 40M net. Last week he put up a good signal from Ipoh maybe he got a new setup...

9M2SLJ - Well known as Pak Lop  in Perak he his very helpfull just tell him what is your problem but bare in mind he will be very busy on Sundays....hi hi. He always checkin on Malaysian 40 Meter Net

9M2YRS - Known as Pak Yeop the famous guy among the northen hams originated from Perak he is a Malaysian Ham Ambassidor to YB Land. He use to travel to Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Medan, and most part of Indonesia. He is now active on 80 Meter band in the early morning QSO with Indonesian.