Monday, July 26, 2010

What Is WWV and WWVH


In the era of internet we don't think this is important anymore......
We are  very sure that the Old Radio Hams should knows what is WWV and WWVH

Radio stations WWV
and WWVH broadcast time and frequency information 24 hours a day, seven days a week to millions of listeners worldwide. On 10.000Mhz and 15.000Mhz


The primary functions of WWV and WWVH are to transmit official standard time on highly accurate reference frequencies traceable to the U.S. national standard. Other stations also serve similar functions in other countries.

In addition to those primary functions, these stations serve another important function in providing means to quickly check radio propagation conditions from multiple locations on a variety of widely spaced frequencies. That function is especially important to radio amateurs, shortwave listeners, and others interested in radio propagation. These stations serve that function better than most other shortwave stations, because they transmit constantly from known locations with known power levels using known antenna systems.

The ARRL Letter says that the stations are administered by the National
Institute of Standards and Technology, WWV is located in Fort Collins,
Colorado, about 60 miles north of Denver; WWVH is located on the Island
of Kauai, Hawaii on a 30 acre site near Kekaha at Kokole Point. Both
stations broadcast information that includes time announcements,
standard time intervals, standard frequencies, UT1 time corrections, a
BCD time code, geophysical alerts, marine storm warnings and Global
Positioning System (GPS) status reports.

Atomic Clock

Most hams today think of WWV and WWVH as "time stations." According to
QST Editor Steve Ford, WB8IMY, that's only half-true: they are really
time and frequency stations.
"The time signals that you hear are regulated by an atomic clock that uses
the oscillations of Cesium atoms as its standard;
9,162,361,770 oscillations equal 1 second," wrote Ford in the June 1994
issue of QST.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Is Hamfest

Hamfest is a short form for Ham Festival...
The original concept of the hamfest was born many years ago by radio amateurs (HAMS). Many of the electronic parts for radio construction were expensive and hard to get. The local radio operators created a once a year get together where fellow hams could buy, sell, and swap equipment and parts among themselves in an effort to avoid high costs and promote the hobby. Today's modern hamfest has undergone quite a transformation. The hamfest or hamvention has evolved into a kind of techfest where people come to buy and sell various technology related items. This can be any form of electronic, optical, or mechanical hardware. Most of the change in hamfests has been brought about by the computer revolution and the fantastic availability of advanced technology government surplus offerings. You will meet everyone from a ham selling 2 meter rigs, HF rigs, antennas,  transmitting tubes, variable capacitors to a surplus dealer with  latest equipments D-Star and so on It is all there ..... Radio is still a big part of any hamfest and remains the very reason for its existence.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

73 ????

73... Tujuh Puluh Tiga atau Tujuh Tiga...
Yang mana satu betul ni? Nak tahu ianya datang dari mana

sila rujuk

Kita disini bukanya membicarakan soal bahasa...
Kita bukan pakar bahasa.......

Ada setengah dari Radio Amatur mempersoalkan tentang sebutan 73 adakah disebut tujuh puluh tiga atau tujuh tiga sahaja. Kalau kita terjemahkan dari bahasa Inggeris ke Bahasa Malaysia maka yang lebih tepat adalah tujuh puluh tiga. Namun disini kita harus melihat dari segi tafsir nya bukan terjemahan....

Pokoknya disini selagi semua orang faham 73 maka kedua-dua nya boleh diterima pakai. Pada pendapat penulis kedua-duanya boleh diterima... Adakah menjadi satu kesalahan besar jika sebutan nya tidak tepat...adakah kita boleh di bawa kemuka pengadilan? dipenjarakan?...

Bagi penulis isu ini adalah isu remeh temeh ... Penulis telah membicarakan mengenai isu yang besar2 yang perlu di ketengahkan...sedikit masa lalu.
Contohnya...mengapa perlu kita bayar RM60.00 untuk setiap kali memperbahrui AA dan mengapa AA Kelas A di kenakan RM36.00 dan mengapa AA Kelas B di kenakan RM24 Kenapa AA semua kelas di Amerika dan UK free tak payah bayar satu sen pun...Kenapa isu-isu saperti ini tidak dibincangkan dan di ketengahkan? Adakah kita sudah boleh berbangga dengan tahap atau mutu Ham Radio masa kini.

Jika kita lihat jiran kita di Thailand disana adalah lebih 200,000 pemilik AA dan mengapa kita baru ada 10,000 pemilik AA, sedangkan kita sudah lama ujud sejak tahun 1928 sedangkan Thailand mula berikan AA pada orang awam pada tahun 1984.....???

Seperkara lagi kenapa kita perlu bayar RM60.00 untuk mendapatkan AP bagi alat transceiver yang tersenarai dalam list Sirim dan kenapa kita perlu bayar RM150.00- RM180.00 untuk AP bagi alat yang tidak tersenarai dalam list tersebut. Sedangkan pada tahun 1997 untuk mendapat AP kita hanya perlu membayar kos borang Kastam sebanyak RM1.00 itu sahaja....

Mengapa kita tidak bincang isu saperti ini?????
Bagi penulis adalah lebih baik kita membincangkan sesuatu yang konkrit dan produktif ini bagi kesejahteraan semua golongan masyarakat......