Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Is Hamfest

Hamfest is a short form for Ham Festival...
The original concept of the hamfest was born many years ago by radio amateurs (HAMS). Many of the electronic parts for radio construction were expensive and hard to get. The local radio operators created a once a year get together where fellow hams could buy, sell, and swap equipment and parts among themselves in an effort to avoid high costs and promote the hobby. Today's modern hamfest has undergone quite a transformation. The hamfest or hamvention has evolved into a kind of techfest where people come to buy and sell various technology related items. This can be any form of electronic, optical, or mechanical hardware. Most of the change in hamfests has been brought about by the computer revolution and the fantastic availability of advanced technology government surplus offerings. You will meet everyone from a ham selling 2 meter rigs, HF rigs, antennas,  transmitting tubes, variable capacitors to a surplus dealer with  latest equipments D-Star and so on It is all there ..... Radio is still a big part of any hamfest and remains the very reason for its existence.

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