Sunday, December 26, 2010

How Is 40 Meter Band after March 2009

Written by Hans Blondeel Timmerman

Friday, 27 March 2009 06:45

From 29 March 2009 the band 7100-7200 kHz is allocated to the amateur service. This change took place during the WPX contest. It was good to note that most broadcasting stations disappeared at the agreed hour and that the contest stations were able to spread out over the band.

Many countries had access to this band before that date, the so called Early Access (EA in the table). Other countries were waiting for the official date before allowing their amateurs to operate in this new part of 40 meters. Unfortunately we see that in several countries the bureaucratic process takes longer than the date we already knew since WRC-2003.

country from

Austria EA since 20060202

Belgium EA since 20050901

Croatia EA since 20031226

Cyprus EA since 20041101

Czech Rep EA since 20050501

Denmark EA since 20050101

France admin process ongoing

Germany EA since 20060901

Gibraltar EA

Hungary EA since 20060525

Iceland EA since 20040419

Ireland EA since 20041020

Israel EA since 20040518

Italy EA since 20080513

Liechtenstein EA

Malta EA since 20050912

Monaco EA since 20050608

Montenegro EA

Namibia EA since 20040420

Netherlands EA since 20060606

Norway EA since 20040401

Poland EA since 20050805

Portugal special permit

Russian Federation EA since 20060427

San Marino EA since 20040225

Sao Tome EA since 200509

Saudi Arabia EA

Serbia EA

Slovakia EA since 20050120

Slovenia EA since 200606

South Africa admin process ongoing

Spain EA since 20071124

Switzerland EA since 20050101

Syria EA

United Kingdom EA since 20041031

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