Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Pasar Road is well know as the electronic street.
You can find anything from electrical appliances or electronic parts audio video system and etc.

If you can’t find electrical or electronic parts in this street that means there is a big possibility the parts does not exits at all.

This is a street which  many students came to buy some parts for their electronic project. Not only that many radio amateurs enthusiast came here to look for coax cables, radio transceivers, connectors and etc.

What you can find inside Emart Complex .....Transceivers HF/VHF/UHF, antennas, Audio Gears, Camera, CCTV system, Lighting, Shoes, LED Display product,GPS, TV, Monitor....and etc. 
 OTWO JJ SOLUTION   Looking for Communication equipments, Antennas, coax cable and etc. 
 here is the place.

Lincoln Communication also selling Communication Equipments, Antennas

For radio hams.....you can buy VHF/UHF antennas in passer road but you will not find
any shop here selling HF antennas on the shelf....

Be careful there are a lot of fake parts…a long this street. Most of it are handphones accessories , electrical and electronic parts. For those who love to hear music and etc. There are a lot of Amps, Speakers, Mixers, Preamps, Microphones, audio processor  from lower end to high end.  
Sound Avenue selling GATOR Flight Case and Audio System for professionals.

Pacific Radio selling a lot of Multimeters, Test Instruments
Like FLUKE, Kyoritsu, Sunwa, Meggar and etc all are original no fake instruments
    Looking for Electrical stuff ...switches, sockets outlet etc here is the place
Nasamas This is  among the famous place for radio hams they 
don't sell tranceivers but connectors, cables, battery & electronic parts.

Looking for tools, soldering iron..batteries and test equipments for CAT 5 & Cat 6  cables here is the place

                                          Going for green there are a lot of LED lights here

                            KE Electronics Sdn. Bhd. One of our our meeting place to buy audio gears.

This shops also selling a lot of audio gears for domestic and commercial.

It is worth a while to go venture during weekend because there is a lot of things to see and experience.


  1. Hi, do you where to buy the greeting card sound module? Can it be found in Jalan Pasar or do you any specific shop that sell this? Thank.