Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lightning & Grounding Part 1

Beaware Of Lightning

The devastating threat of lightning strikes can be further magnified with the knowledge that Malaysia has one of the world's most highest number of lightning days recorded in a year and we are ranked at no 2. Statistics has shown that Malaysia has an average of 204 lightning days which is equivalent to 40 strikes per square kilometer per year………..

Monday 21 August 2011 ...according to the local newspaper 11 struck by lightning "six foreigners dead and five injured in two separate incidents....which happened during a heavy storm in Sungai Choh near Kuala Kubu Baru & Jalan Reaktor Glenmarie.

So is a shoking….no wonder we heard many of radio hams….have this experienced

The anecdotal evidence is backed up by hard facts – according to our Meteorological Department places like Subang (Selangor), Bayan Lepas (Penang) and Kluang (Johor) have a whopping 180 to 200 “thunderstorm days” (TDs) per year (the number of days that thunder can be heard at the weather monitoring stations

Lightning surge damages household electrical equipment such as radio, television and others. It can also damage machines and equipment in factories. Thus, surge protection is necessary in order to protect these machines and electrical devices regardless whether it is used in homes, factories, offices or others.

To be continue...

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