Monday, May 17, 2010


Please ....please don't just stand there when things get worse.
Please Take a Step Forward
Are you a passive person? When you see something wrong, do you try to fix it or do you move on justifying to yourself that for sure someone else will address it? When you are working down the street and you see something on the sidewalk and you know that someone might slip on it, do you pick it up, or do you look the other way as if you didn't see it? When you see someone smoking in a non smoking area, do you kindly bring the persons attention to what he's doing wrong, or do you just cover your nose, or leave the place? Remember the last time you saw someone double parking and you knew that he's going to cause a traffic jam, did you go and ask him politely to park somewhere else so that the traffic flow wouldn't be disturbed? Or did you just say to yourself, "Isn't there an officer around here to see this?" and than you just walk away.

Why we are so passive? Why do we always believe that "someone else will do it"? Why don't WE take an action? I 'll tell you why, because if it doesn't directly affect us, than why should we care? Or "we won't change the world, so why should we care? Right? Isn't that the reason? That should not be how a Muslim (One who submits to God) should think, that is not a Muslim should act. As inheritors of the final message of God, the Muslim community should be an example of ONE body: if one part is not functioning it affects the rest of the body.

Omar ibn Al-Khattab said, "If a sin is committed in private, it only harms the one that does it, but if it is committed in public and no one objects and changers it, it will harm everyone!"

Time For Action: Brothers and sisters, no one will clean the mess that is around us except us. If we turn away from it , we are just leaving it for our children and it will get worse, If we want our Ummah back in shape we have to have a positive impact on life, we all have to constribute. Lets stop being passive.

Dont underestimate the impact you could make. If you are sincere in changing yourself and your seroundings than call unto God with humbleness and He will assist you, and if He assists you nothing could go wrong.

I'm just hopping that you will take a step forward. Let the step be as big as you decide, but please, please don't just stand there when things get worse. Please take a step forward.

Credit to Amr Khalid ( Egyption Muslim activist has been listed among the world's most influential people by Time Magazine)

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